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Hi, my name is Matthew Tse. This is a simple blog that provides an outlet for the things I come across and thoughts I have about them. In my spare time I read a lot, and I write code for a living, so my writings will tend to reflect that. But I also cook, I ride bicycles, and I’m a classical cellist, so some of that may find its way into here.

I graduated from Duke University in 2014 with a Computer Science degree, and joined Firebase soon after. After the acquisition, I became a Google Site Reliability Engineer, and I still work on the Firebase Realtime Database team.

I currently live in San Francisco, California, where I’m battling ridiculous rent prices. But it’s truly a beautiful city with mild weather year round, great food, and a sense of idealistic optimism not found anywhere else.

Median Codex???

I’ve always thought the Ubuntu release names that combine random consonant adjectives with animal names are whimsical and clever. I don’t consider myself particularly creative, so I grabbed a random phrase generator and waited until I hit one that I liked. Maybe Median Codex will grow into some meaning for me over time, but until then, it’s an easily pronounceable and recognizable blog title.